Star Trek: The Kobayashi Alternative

May 16, 2011

Every Star Trek fan has wished for the real Trek game.  The open-ended captain-simulation that lets you explore the galaxy, manage your ship and crew, and make meaningful choices that don’t always involve combat.  The closest we’ve recently gotten has been Bridge Commander, and arguably Star Trek Online, but any fan will tell you these games weren’t quite what we all want out of the ideal Trek game.  “When will they learn how to make a truly perfect Trek game?!” We cry out.

But guess what?  They’ve already made it – in 1985.

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Breaking Up the Monotony with some Snood

June 14, 2009

Well I was moseying around my old computer and I noticed an image on the desktop. An image that I knew immediately and any fan would too:snood

It is non other than Jake the snood. Back when this game was getting popular and I discovered it, I was surfing AOL 7.0 on my Windows 98 PC –  those were the days.

But anyway, today I bring you a revisit of Snood, a game that had its start way back in 1996 (at this point that does not sound right to say) by creator David M. Dobson.
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