Continue?’s Featured Artist: docjazz4

Hey everyone, it’s that time of the week again, time for “Continue?’s Featured Artist!”

Last week, I spoke about a great violinist named Ben Chan. Who, in between playing professionally and teaching, finds time to create YouTube videos of himself playing different video game music.  If you think back to that article (click here to read it), the last video I showed was a collaboration of three different artists: Lypurr, BenChan, and a guy named docjazz4, well this week, it is docjazz4’s turn to be in the limelight!

Let us all travel back to the year 1998, back when Billy C was getting inappropriate in the oval office, Google was founded, boys all across America learned to BE A MAN with the help of Mulan, and two video games systems where on the list of every child. One was the first succesful CD based home video game system, the Play Station, the other, the first succesful 64-bit system, with its crazy baterang like controller, the N-64. That year, Nintendo released what many consider to be one of, if not the, best game ever.

What was that game you ask? Well none other than

“The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time”

That game introduced children to a bizarre little instrument, the ocarina. The ocarina is one of the oldest instruments in existence and it is also one of the easiest instruments to play. In ’99, a young boy named Dave purchased an ocarina and began learning how to play. Fast forward to August of 2006, Dave joins YouTube under the name docjazz4, and in December of that year, he releases his first video, seen here.

That is docjazz4 and he is playing the Song of Time from that fateful game. Since then, docjazz4 or should I say Dave, has released over 100 videos and has played songs from Zelda to Halo. In addition to his large collection of videos, Dave owns around 20 ocarinas, ranging from simple 4-holed pendants to 4 chambered ocarinas (a multi chambered Ocarina allows for a wider range of notes to be played).

Since Dave began posting videos, he has become quite the hit on YouTube, having over 25,000 subscribers!

Check out more of Dave’s videos after the break!Next up is “Ballad of the Windfish,” one of the greatest Zelda songs from the game “Link’s Awakening.” Dave plays it using a double ocarina!

In the next video, Dave plays the “Song of Storms,” another Zelda classic, using a tenor pendent ocarina.

Lastly, enjoy “Saria’s Song,” my favorite Zelda song, of all time!

Be sure to check out of rest of Dave’s videos  on YouTube. Don’t forget to subscribe! Click here to see them!

Want to learn to play an Ocarina? Click here to buy your own! These aren’t the greatest Ocarinas, but they are cheep and durable, perfect for a beginner! There where I got my first one!

Well, that’s about it for Continue?’s second Featured Artist, be sure to come by next week to see another great artist!
~Know someone who should receive recognition for their awesome video game art? Send me an email at . Drawings, Music, Sculpture, anything! all things are welcome! Who knows, maybe they will be Continue?’s next Featured Artist!

One Response to Continue?’s Featured Artist: docjazz4

  1. Dan says:

    Awesome choice! This guy is how I found my first Ocarina.

    His ballad of the windfish cover is super epic too.

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